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Must Have Items for 4th of July

The sun is out and this song is just stuck in our heads:


When it comes to what to bring on that beach trip, we've got you covered...  

The 7 Best Items for Guaranteed Summer Fun

1.  Retro American Flag Swimsuit ($33)

Show your patriotic spirit!  This one-piece has a lot of sex appeal.  Rock it at one of those fancy pool parties where everyone is in swimsuits, but no one is getting in the pool.   

2.  Woodies Bamboo Sunglasses ($75)

Not surprising, Woodies are natural bamboo sunglasses that look great and keep your eyes safe.  

3.  Bubble Shooter ($6)

Trust us on this one!  No way you can have more fun with $6 than this.  One bottle of bubbles lasts for hours of bubbalicious fun.  This is the cure for summertime sadness

4.  Microfiber Beach Blanket ($32)

This beach blanket is wicked soft, and comfortably big enough for two

5.  Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker ($70)

What's a day at the beach without the perfect playlist and a rocking bluetooth speaker?  This one lasts for hours and is surprisingly loud

6.  200-Pack Flavor-ICE ($27)

Nothing says Summer like a pack of Flavor-ICE.  Cut open a box and enjoy the taste!

7.  Beach Umbrella ($59)

This is the best beach umbrella money can buy.  It's great to get a piece of shade out there, so enjoy this classic design!


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