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Woodies Bamboo Watches

Greetings from Woodies- 

Here are some close-up photos of our bamboo watches.  We have a 100% real bamboo case (with "Woodies" engraved back), a leather strap, steel buckle, and Japanese watch movement keeping your accurate time.  


Woodies bamboo watch white


woodies bamboo watch white back


woodies bamboo watch black and gold


woodies bamboo watch black and gold




Woodies bamboo watches are built to last.  They are handmade from completely natural materials.  The white bamboo watch has a white leather strap, white bezel, and white second, minute, and hour hands.  The white bamboo watch is also engraved with 'Woodies' on the bamboo case back.  

The black and gold bamboo watch has a black patent leather strap with a gold buckle.  The bezel has a gold ring surrounding the bamboo case.  The second, minute, hours hands are gold as well as the gold 'Woodies' logo in the middle.  

These Woodies bamboo watches are definitely natural and stylish. 

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