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Woodies Favorite Brands

Here are a few of our very favorite brands:


Our first beachy partner in crime, LaBelleRebelle makes swimsuits for the pool lounge.  These are works of art that I don't even want to see getting wet.  They are designed by the coolest chick in south beach, my girl Fab, and they've been worn by the likes of Kendall Jenner, Ashley Sky, and Damaris Aguiar.  



Then there's Original Grain, our brothers in wood-working.  They make premium wood watches melded with quality metals to create a true luxury feel.  


Got to give a shotout to Otis & Eleanor.  They make the Bongo, which I take with me every time I go anywhere.  It's so clutch; it's a bamboo bluetooth speaker that delivers great sound, great battery life, and and indestructible, natural bamboo case.  

Slasher Girl is a creation by the most styling-est chick I know.  Amanda DelDuca.  Below is a picture from her look-book with the lovely Ashley Sky.  

and checkout this photo accessorizing with a white Woodies Watch


Check out these fantastic brands, tell them Woodies sent you....


See You at the beach!


Cory Stout

Chief Beach Boy, Woodies




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