Woodies Blogger Style: Emily Marie | Woodies

Woodies Blogger Style: Emily Marie

Fashion and Beauty Blogger Emily Marie took the time to style a really fun scene in her Woodies light grain sunglasses.  

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Here's what Emily had to say:

"Thank The Lord that I got to test out a new brand of sunglasses because the amount of glasses I've lost this summer is unmanageable. The worst part of it is, is that I don't know where, how or when I even lose them. It just happens. So needless to say, a new pair could never hurt. Especially some that are super cute!      I'm wearing a hot, new brand (they have even been seen on Kendall Jenner.....LIKE WHAT!!!!) called Woodies. The quality of the lens (not trying to sound like a nerd, but people care about that sometimes) are actually very clear & the lighter grain color has a blue-ish tent to it. I always love when glasses have that blue tent! It makes my world look a little brighter....then you take them off & it's like a dead world and back to basic. Woodies are actually made out of wood, hence the name, which means they float! For me, that's another plus and one less opportunity for me to lose them. Don't even pretend like you haven't lost something in the ocean. If you're more into a colored pair of glasses, they have a good bit of choices on their site (which I will post below) along with not only glasses but watches & phone cases too! I know...get out, right?" 

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