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Woodies October 2015: New Fall Styles

What's up Woodies people?

This is your Woodies Captain speaking.  I'd like to update you monthly with the latest bits of news about Woodies.  

I'm currently traveling in Hong Kong.  Did you know Woodies are made in China?  Of course you did, that's where all the bamboo is!  Hong Kong is my favorite city in the world. It's like the common ground between the eastern and western cultures. It's quickly becoming a fashion hub and that's what I'm here to investigate. 

Just this month, we've launched some new sunglasses and watches!  Check them out:

Green Mirror Bamboo Sunglasses


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These are the same classic wayfarer style as our original but with a new twist on the lens.  These polarized lenses have a greenish-blue tint (mostly green) and really standout in a crowd.  I priced them at $20, but I don't know how long that price will last :)

Next up, we have a completely new style for Woodies. I'd like to introduce you to Woodies Cat Eye:

This vintage style really brings us back to the 1950's fashion. The pointed corners and gold accents give the style a refined, slightly feminine look.  We also have it in red.


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Did you know?  

Woodies Wavecrest was September 20th.  This is the largest collection of Woodie classic cars anywhere in the world.  We are definitely sponsoring and attending this show next year.  Look at all the great cars on display.  

Images courtesy of ClassCarNews

In other news, I met the coolest couple at MAGIC the fashion trade show in Las Vegas.  Meet The Polonio from Uruguay.  

"The Polonio style is carefree. Its attention to detail and commitment to excellence are care full. Polonio shorts are created with technical, high quality, quick-dry fabric, a comfortable mesh liner, a back zipper pocket to secure your possessions, and two-tone, braided tying cords tipped with engraved copper endings.

Not everyone can get to Cabo Polonio. But the Polonio brand aspires to give a taste of that Cabo inspiration and renewal to everyone who slips them on."

They promote a beach lifestyle and we know JUST how they feel

That's it for October. Next month Woodies will travel to Maderas Village in Nicaragua to checkout their beaches, try the cuisine, and catch some waves.  

See you at the beach!

Cory Stout, 

Woodies Captain



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