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Best Customer Emails of 2017

These are the BEST customer emails of 2017.  I freaking love you guys

From Tag, the cross-dressing hunter (my favorite):

Tag ordered 3 pairs of sunglasses, he received 2 pairs of sunglasses and a dress.  

Pam asked him to send a picture of the dress so she could understand what was happening.  

Tag said,

It fits a bit tight, but oh well. Haha!
Just received the clubmaster sunglasses - thanks for all your help with this!!

Tag- you are a freaking legend, and I salute you sir!

From Andy, Surf Videographer:

Cory my dude! And Cory's mom! 

First off, I'd like to say that I wasn't even in the market for new Wayfarers until I saw Amazon suggest them. Lo and behold, a magical triple digit digit number of reviews sat proudly next to those nearly 5 stars. Like that little guarantee on the box that Chris Farley disputed so well in Tommy Boy. Can this be? Let's just say my timbers were shiverin' - in the nautical sense. I threw my hard scavenged doubloons at the screen and they arrived. 

I'm a surf cinematographer in SoCal so sunglasses are attached to myself like a parrot on a pirate. You bet your boardshorts I'd be rockin these next swell I film. But enough of the scuttlebutt. The product and packaging were fantastic. There was one thing. I'm not too sure if someone mistook sunglasses for a cigar and kept them in a humidor for a month, or a chainsmoker went through 50 packs of Marlboros in their sealed car with these bad boys riding shotgun - but they're mighty smokey smelling. Including the case and all the contents. Honestly I almost picked them up a pack of Nicorette. The bikini-bottom line is, would this be a bi-product of the wood manufacturing process, or am I off my peg leg? 

I appreciate ya reading all this nonsense. Know that I'm happy as a clam with the product. My last pair of $5 Wayfarers have lasted me over 5 years so we don't need to hire a mathematician to say how long these'll last me. 


Andy- This had to be the funniest two paragraphs I've ever read, please write a novel someday


To which my mom responded by sending him a new pair that she had 'personally sniffed herself'

From Woody, the REAL Captain Woody of the Caribbean:

Hello Captain, 

   All i have to say is WOW i love the glasses as my MOM and sister do cause i bought them and shipped them glasses as well. Nothing but praise when i put the glasses on the Rock Star begins. When i read this e-mail i said what a Cool Ass Company Big Up To Your Mom, Moms are awesome. Thank you For this respond email i am sold and will be a long time client and trust me you will not forget me.
Bottom of the email you ask what decided me to buy WOODIES. Well here is a quick story:
As you can see my email my last name is WOOD. I will give you the short version, 
Lat name is Wood and growing up my Fathers Nickname in NYC was Woody and i Was his Splinter. I eventually got a Woody Tattoo on my stomach for my father but after College i moved to the Caribbean, St. Maarten. (Again Short Story). So being in the Caribbean with my shirt always off people see my tattoo and and all the Europeans Russians, Hungarians, ETC… Can not pronounce my surname Dugald so after 16 years in the Caribbean I am Know as Woody through out the Islands there is only One.  When i play sports or with close friends they know me as Woody or WOODY WOODS. So of course its a no brainer i need to have a pair of Woodies and everyone will see the Woodies on Woody and again  think Rock Star!!!! Attaching a pic of my Woody Tattooo This  Saturday Aug 5 there is  a Charity Event which
will be the first time i wear them.  I will take pictures wearing them with the hot rich sexy crowd i am sure you will love.  
Thanks again and if possible send me a more personal e-mail so we can talk Beach and Bussiness but mostly Beach. Bless Up Good Night MOM and Capt.
Woody- Garrr I would love to meetup with you in the Caribbean and see how you roam the seas.  I salute you!

From Jeff the Bitcoin coder:

Hey Cory. Great glasses, but I lost them immediately because I'm a buffoon. They were killin' it for the single day I had 'em. Got them for managing eye floaters (I sit in front of a computer coding cryptocurrency all day) and they looked simple and nice. Also ordered some Chinese made hot garbage so I've got them in the meantime. Will throw in another order soon.
Props on starting something while travelling, 4 Hour Work Week was killer for me too. Tho I ended up working 80 hours a week instead... maybe I should read it again.
Scanned your site - hope you made it over to Cambodia, you can get stuck in Otres Beach forever...
Lemme know if your mom needs backup, my fiance could use a remote gig ; )
Jeff- Now that you're a bitcoin bazillionaire, will you please buy more Woodies?

From Bonnie (Love that name)

I decided to buy Woodies to take my husband's style up a notch.  For the 11 years I've known him, he's always worn those horrible "sporty" sunglasses, and since I love him unconditionally and don't judge him and want him to wear what he feels comfortable wearing, yadda, yadda, yadda, I figured he'd just always be wearing that style.  However, he noticed your Woodies on amazon and commented that he liked them, so I saw it as what might be my one chance to change up his style while still being an awesome, supportive wife.  He won't get them until christmas, so I'll ask him to leave an amazon review once he tries them out.  However, at worst, he hates them and goes back to his old style and I confiscate them for myself. Win-win. 😁
Thanks for the great customer service!

From Glen H. 

This is by far the best experience with a company I have ever had. From the moment the sunglasses arrived i was hooked, not only were they amazing, they include with your order, a sunglasses case, a guitar pick, a woodies arm band, a woodies sticker, a cleaning cloth, and a monopoly community chest chest type card that says see you at the beach. It is really a joy to open up the case when it arrives. Woodies has fantastic customer service and they even email you to find out your opinion after your order arrives. They really go above and beyond and it is really refreshing knowing there are companies out there that truly care about the customer and their opinion. Thank you for the awesome sunglasses. We will be ordering more in the future

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