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Welcome to Woodies!  I'm Cory, your Woodies Captain
woodies captain woodies captain
I know one thing for sure...Life is 15% more fun when you're wearing a captains hat.  
I started Woodies in 2012 to provide fun, beach-ready products made from wood and bamboo.  I've been delivering the goods for almost 4 years and I'm very grateful to more than 50,000 happy (hopefully!) customers.  
Here is a podcast I recorded for Shopify Masters about how I started Woodies
Woodies motto is 'See you at the beach!' because what's more fun than a spontaneous beach trip?  The excitement and anticipation of a beach road trip is like nothing else.  That's the feeling I want to bring you when you visit Woodies.com
Who am I?  I'm Cory Stout, I am the owner, president, and CAPTAIN of Woodies.  I'm 30 years old, I'm from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I've been traveling full-time for the last 3 years while I operate Woodies.  It's somewhat of an alternative lifestyle, but I love it and wouldn't have it any other way.  I read the 4-Hour Workweek and built Woodies according to most of those principles.  I'd like to share some insights on why Woodies is successful:
Keep it simple:
I keep Woodies products simple.  We sell sunglasses, watches, and a few other items, but they all fit into a certain theme.  I could have added dozens of different styles and colors, but it would have sunk me by now (#pun)  I keep Woodies super simple because I want to spend more time at the beach and not in front of my laptop!
Focus on customer service:
I have to admit, in the first 2 years of Woodies, the customer service left a lot to be desired.  Imagine me cooped up in a hostel in Thailand, answering customer service emails, while the waves crashed within earshot.  I do some things well, I have some strengths, but this wasn't one of them.  Lucky for me, my mom stepped up and took over that department and is CRUSHING it.  I haven't had a single negative review in 2 years, check out my mom's page.
Be genuine and tell a good story:
This has guided me through several tough decisions.  In the beginning, I tried to build a brand utilizing celebrity exposure (checkout Kendall Jenner in all our photos) but one day I realized that I should tell my real story.  I've traveled to 30 countries and wear a captain's hat everyday, I should share what that's like!  That's why I really love Snapchat (WoodiesUSA - follow me!), it's a completely unfiltered look into the Woodies lifestyle through the eyes of me, your Woodies captain.  I will sail this ship towards fun and good times. That's my promise to you.  Thanks for reading
See you at the beach!
Woodies Captain

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