A Guide To Unplugging

A Guide To Unplugging

We could all use some help getting off the internet and back to reality. The truth is the internet is changing how we think and it isn't necessarily a good thing.  After what is supposed to be a few minutes, but turns into hours of internet browsing, you may find yourself feeling unproductive, self-conscious and possibly even a little dumb(er). We make it a point to unplug here at Woodies and encourage you to do the same! Here's how you can fight for your mind: 

Spend an hour a day doing something you love 

Take a step back and ask yourself how much time you spend in a day, week or month doing what you love. What's stopping you from doing more of that? For many it's work, family obligations, you name it! Adding the distractions of the internet and social media definitely doesn't help. Challenge yourself to replace your phone or internet time with doing more of what you love this month and see how you feel. Better yet, try something new! 

Get outside

When was the last time you went to the beach? Or hiked somewhere new? Go do it! Have you ever tried beach volleyball? Tennis? Honestly, even just taking some time to lay outside and soak in the air and warmth of the sun or the kiss of rain drops. Take it all in and be present. We are missing out on moments in time that we will never get back. 

Set a timer

Phones now have a timer or way of measuring your phone time and social media hours. Use it! I never knew how much time I spent on social media or just my phone in general until my phone started sending me reports on my phone time. Part of that is I also do a lot of work on my phone. But it was hours and hours of time that could have likely been spent elsewhere. Now I set a timer and you should too! 

Don't look at your phone right away

Do you check your phone first thing in the morning; the second you open your eyes? Wait until after breakfast or until you've gotten ready for the day. We've trained our minds to be so ready to consume the world's millions of voices and places that are fighting for our attention. How can we possibly give enough mental space for ourselves? The world can wait! 

No phone before bed

I am just starting to implement this into my life but setting a time an hour or two before bed where I don't look at my phone and allow my mind to calm down and decompress before I go to sleep. Our minds are going constantly and it's necessary to take a step back and let ourselves breathe a little. 

Bonus tip: turn your notifications off! 

How does unplugging improve your life? Well, it's time consuming and prevents you from living in the moment and being present with the people you love and experiencing life at its fullest. Not to mention unplugging gives you more time for yourself and can improve your mood. If you try any of these tips, let us know how they work out for you!


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