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December 02, 2020


Christmas Gifts With An Impact

Wow- it's December already?! Where has the time gone! 2020 hasn't been the best year for many but it's not too late to find small ways to turn that around; make it through to the end of this blog and you might unravel a gift. 

Here are 5 perfect Christmas gifts you should consider for your beach loving friends and family (p.s. don't forget to support small businesses): 

1. If you're a big beach-goer and have sadly seen how much plastic and trash ends up on the beaches, landfills, etc. going zero waste and encouraging others to go zero waste will help support the preservation of beaches and a little at a time, we can gradually being to off-set the waste others are outputting. Have you heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? It's an unintentional man-made island and trash vortex the size of Texas in the North Pacific Ocean. A Zero Waste Starter Kit will help him or her in their venture of living a more waste-free lifestyle. 

2. This is the perfect stocking stuffer. If he or she is always outside or at the beach- they need a quality reef-safe sunscreen. The absence of oxybenzone and octinoxate are important ingredients to look out for in listed ingredients of sunscreens. These chemicals are harmful to corals and can cause sunscreen-induced coral bleaching, so look for them in the ingredient list. You can dramatically notice the different in a healthy ocean by the presence of healthy reef ecosystems. While sunscreen is not the only factor in the cause of dying reefs, it definitely takes it's toll. Raw Elements USA is a great reef safe sunscreen if you're not sure where to start! 

3. This is probably one of my personal favorite gifts- adopt a coral in their name! By adopting a coral through the Coral Gardeners, you can support those healthy reef systems. The gardeners will go out, plant a resilient coral that have been proven to survive bleaching agents. This is such a thoughtful gift that helps to make a direct impact on the health of the ocean. 

Before you go, don't forget to check out these solid wood sunnies!



Which product/gift idea is your favorite? If you use any of these, don't forget to let us know. Wait there's more! Is there someone special in your life that you feel could use a little extra love this holiday season? We would love to send them a free pair of sunnies! Send an email to and tell us about them. 

Happy holidays! 


November 25, 2020


A Guide To Unplugging

We could all use some help getting off the internet and back to reality. The truth is the internet is changing how we think and it isn't necessarily a good thing.  After what is supposed to be a few minutes, but turns into hours of internet browsing, you may find yourself feeling unproductive, self-conscious and possibly even a little dumb(er). We make it a point to unplug here at Woodies and encourage you to do the same! Here's how you can fight for your mind: 

Spend an hour a day doing something you love 

Take a step back and ask yourself how much time you spend in a day, week or month doing what you love. What's stopping you from doing more of that? For many it's work, family obligations, you name it! Adding the distractions of the internet and social media definitely doesn't help. Challenge yourself to replace your phone or internet time with doing more of what you love this month and see how you feel. Better yet, try something new! 

Get outside

When was the last time you went to the beach? Or hiked somewhere new? Go do it! Have you ever tried beach volleyball? Tennis? Honestly, even just taking some time to lay outside and soak in the air and warmth of the sun or the kiss of rain drops. Take it all in and be present. We are missing out on moments in time that we will never get back. 

Set a timer

Phones now have a timer or way of measuring your phone time and social media hours. Use it! I never knew how much time I spent on social media or just my phone in general until my phone started sending me reports on my phone time. Part of that is I also do a lot of work on my phone. But it was hours and hours of time that could have likely been spent elsewhere. Now I set a timer and you should too! 

Don't look at your phone right away

Do you check your phone first thing in the morning; the second you open your eyes? Wait until after breakfast or until you've gotten ready for the day. We've trained our minds to be so ready to consume the world's millions of voices and places that are fighting for our attention. How can we possibly give enough mental space for ourselves? The world can wait! 

No phone before bed

I am just starting to implement this into my life but setting a time an hour or two before bed where I don't look at my phone and allow my mind to calm down and decompress before I go to sleep. Our minds are going constantly and it's necessary to take a step back and let ourselves breathe a little. 

Bonus tip: turn your notifications off! 

How does unplugging improve your life? Well, it's time consuming and prevents you from living in the moment and being present with the people you love and experiencing life at its fullest. Not to mention unplugging gives you more time for yourself and can improve your mood. If you try any of these tips, let us know how they work out for you!


November 18, 2020


Ways To Stay Productive When You're Stuck At Home

I know it's not just me but even though things have started opening up again, it still feels like there's nothing to really do. We're all working from home (for the most part) and it seems like things may start closing again. For many of us, it can be hard to feel motivated and inspired right now. So I've compiled a list of things for you to do when you need a break, laugh or just do something different outside of the routine you may have had for the last eight or so months. If you try any of these, let us know! Take a picture and tag us on Instagram @Woodies. 


1. Do an at-home workout

This is great if you're feeling lazy or unmotivated. It may seem unappealing but once you start, it can really get those wheels of motivation turning! 

2. Go on a bike ride

Grab your Woodies and your bike and go for a quick (or long) bike ride. Play some music and clear your head- just get some fresh air.

3. Go through your closet

Now is a great time to go through your closet and maybe giveaway your clothes to someone in need or sell them for some extra cash. 

4. Find a new hobby

I have been freediving for about a year but I finally took the leap and invested in my free diving certifications. I've also dove head first into my photography businesses. Now is an amazing time to take up a new hobby and learn as much as you can. 

5. Take a free online class

Guys! This is super cool but universities like Harvard are offering free online courses. I took one at the beginning of the lock downs based on Shark Ecology and learned a lot. You can also take some cool courses on platforms like Udemy

6. Bake something from scratch

I am not a big sweets person but I love baking for other people. I made this massive snowflake bread  and have been finding time to try new things. This could probably go under trying a new hobby!

7. Go to the beach

If beaches are open near you, go to the beach. Grab a book, some ear phones, a towel (and your Woodies), and hit the beach. It's a great way to relax, unwind and clear your mind. Whenever I am feeling unmotivated or stretched thin on creativity, I try to go to the beach and give my mind some time to kind of be "empty". 

8. Start a side hustle 

2020 is the year to start making money online! Start a blog, tutor online, kick start your YouTube career, freelance- these are just a few ideas. 

9. Plan out your week

Making plans sincerely helps to add some structure to the work from home life. It also keeps you accountable for any promises you've made yourself!


Before we send you off with these ideas, we also want to remind you to be patient with yourself. These times are not like anything we've really experienced and we're all learning along the way. Check out our 5 Healthy Habits For Working From Home!


November 04, 2020


Woodies Holiday Gift Guide

We can't believe it's already November! Which means we are heading into the peak of holiday season. Not sure what to get your friend or loved one? Or putting together a gift basket full of their favorite goodies and surprises? Here are 5 different pairs of Woodies we think they'll LOVE. 


 Woodies Cat Eye Sunnies

We have 3 variations of these sunnies in Red, White and Black for $35. These are definitely the perfect pair for all the vintage and 1950's vibes. This style continues to make it's way back in the fashion world. The best part is, they're not traditional where instead of plastic arms, they are made out of wood for a more sustainable, cool and unique look. 


 Clear Acetate Gray 

Our Clear Way sunnies come in 7 different variations ranging from Pink, to Green to blue for $45. These are a more unique style in our sea of products. With a mix of plastic rims and Zebra Wood arms.

 Brushed Gun Metal

Have you checked out these new sunnies to make their way to the Woodies product list?! They come in 3 different variations and for $45! 


Top Gun Aviators 

These babies give us all the Top Gun vibes. Not sure what we're talking about? You're definitely missing out! (Hint- google Top Gun). These are full Zebra Wood and have dark black lenses for $60! 

 Get The Bundle! 

Not sure which pair to get? No worries! Our bundle includes 3 different variations of our Wayfarer styles for only $60. These also have double-spring hinges which are great for wider heads and more flexibility. 


Which pair is your favorite? Let us know in the comments. 

October 28, 2020

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October Classic Car Roundup

We're back and bringing you 4 super sexy, beautiful and drool-worthy classic cars to wrap up October with a bang. The best part is, if you want it- you can BUY it! 


1. 1959 Porsche 356A Convertible D


Following the success of the original 356 (now known as the “Pre-A”), the 356A was born. It was part of  “Technical Program 1” (T1), followed by a revision in 1957 that resulted in T2. It's a super desirable car, I'm sure you can see why! 

"This 1959 Porsche 356A is one of 1,330 Convertible D models built during a single-year production run and was distributed new in the US by Hoffman Motor Car Co. of New York. A restoration was carried out between 1989 and 1990 and included a repaint, re-plating the chrome trim, undercoating the chassis, reupholstering the interior, and replacing the transaxle case and convertible top". Continue reading 


2. 1956 Chrysler New Yorker St. Regis

No, we're not talking about the late 1970's M-body Dodge sedan. The 1950's St. Regis was most famously known for it's attachment to a five-star hotel in downtown Manhattan. This was a novel car for its time and mechanically, revised well. 

"This 1956 Chrysler New Yorker is one of 6,686 St. Regis 2-door hardtops built for the model year and was acquired by the current owner 10 years ago. Finished in 3-tone red, white, and black, the car is powered by a 354ci Hemi V8 mated to a PowerFlite 2-speed automatic transmission. Equipment includes an AM radio, power steering, and push-button gear selection." Continue reading


3. 1937 Mercedes-Benz 230N Special-Order Roadster 


This beauty of a car really speaks for itself so we'll just share with you a few details that make it purchase-worthy. 

The body was disassembled, stripped, and repainted in its current two-tone color combination during the restoration, which was overseen by Wolfgang Braukhaus in Menden, Germany. The steel wheels are met with blue hubcaps, the interior is trimmed with pale grey leather and independent suspension. 

"This 1937 Mercedes-Benz 230 is one of 38 two-seat roadsters built on the “Normal” wheelbase variant of the W143 platform during a single year of production. The car, chassis 155124, was ordered new by the Reichspost in Berlin, reportedly as one of three specially configured roadsters intended for use in a rally promoting the postal service, during which the other two cars are believed to have crashed. It was exported to the US at some point following World War II and returned to Europe in the 1990s." Continue Reading 


4. 1929 Ford Model A Hot Rod
When I was a kid, my grandparents had a pool room dedicated to the 1950's. I remember being obsessed with their little toy model cars and the Hot Rod's were a big deal. This is a true beauty of a car.
"This 1929 Ford Model A is a steel-bodied hot rod that was reportedly modified for use in drag racing competitions in the 1950s and was built to its current iteration around 2001. Finished in red over beige leather, the car is powered by a 350ci GM V8 crate engine paired with a Turbo Hydramatic three-speed automatic transmission and a Halibrand quick change differential." Continue Reading 
We hope you enjoyed this end of October Classic Car Roundup! Have a car you want to showcase next month? Send an email to 
October 21, 2020


Caring For Your Woodies


Like anything of quality, a classic car, nice pair of (white) shoes, etc. they need a little extra love to keep in mint condition. These care instructions are simple and easy to follow to help keep your Woodies ready for every adventure.

(photo by Jackson James)


Cleaning Your Sunnies

1. Use a lens cloth, microfiber towel or lint free cloth to wipe them down.

2. For a deep clean, use water to wash and wipe them down.

3. Towel dry after cleaning.



- Don't leave your sunnies lying in the dash of your car- extreme heat exposure may warp the lenses. 

- You may use a beeswax, lip-balm or walnut oil to gently brush onto the wood to help maintain shine.

- You should always wash/rinse anything you put into the ocean. Salt water is very dehydrating and causes corrosion. If you spend a day in the ocean with your sunnies, don't forget to rinse them off! 

- Some pools may have chemicals that affect the lenses (similar to how it affects skin). Try to avoid putting them in chlorine. 

- The best thing you can do to protect your lenses is make sure to put them back in their case when they aren't being worn. 


As an added bonus to owning unique sunglasses, you're also helping the environment by not investing in traditionally fully plastic sunglasses! Thanks for being part of the Woodies family.

October 14, 2020


Travel Tips With Megan Hassa


So you're planning a trip and want to make it an affordable and epic experience? We've teamed up with freediver and world traveler, Megan Hassa to bring you the most necessary trip planning essentials to help you save money on your next adventure. With 50k followers on instagram, Hassa is inspiring others to push comfort zones and explore the world in non-traditional (and very Woodies-like) ways. 
1.  Saving On Stay 
One of the best things to bless the lives of travelers is Airbnb. Whether you're a solo traveler willing to rent a room in a house or someone who wants an entire house for themselves and other guests, Airbnb has it all and often is a much more affordable alternative to hotels. This can be a major money-saver. Traveling with other people is definitely a way to go to help save money. "It all depends on what kind of experience you're wanting" says Hassa. "If you're someone who doesn't care where you stay since you'll be out adventuring most of the time, you can get Airbnb's for super cheap. Other than Airbnb, I would say guest houses are also an affordable alternative to hotels". Hassa has been to about 30 different countries in her young adult life. 
2. Experiences
If you're a more last-minute traveler and go where the wind takes you, Airbnb experiences is also an awesome resource. No, this is not an ad! Some people like to have an itinerary so they don't have idle time trying to plan things out when they arrive to their destination. Others, don't really like to plan. When asked whether Hassa is a planner or more of a nomadic traveler, she said ""For the most part, I like to wing it. I think that leaves room to explore and do things that I didn't know about before but I like to have a rough itinerary. I leave a lot of time open to figure things out and experience new things." No matter which end of the spectrum you are on, you can easily search for things to do in and around your destination using Airbnb Experiences and don't forget to check out Facebook's Events feature to see what's going on around you, too. This is an awesome resource if you're looking to indulge in local experiences. 
3. Food
"Eat local" Hassa said in reference to saving money on food while traveling. "In most of Asia, it's really affordable but in places like Tahiti, food can be really expensive and for the most part, I try to stay away from eating out and just try to eat local. Whether it's local markets or grocery stores. I do canned Tuna with everything!" Here are some easy foods when on the go:
-Apples & peanut butter
-Canned Tuna 
-Dry ramen
-Intant mashed potatoes 
-Canned soup
-Canned beans
4. Affordable Flights
The burning question, how do you save on flights?! "I like using Google Flights because it compiles flights from all over and organizes them for you in one place. In comparison to other tools, it's usually a little cheaper. I also use my Chase Saphire card for points so I can use those on flights when necessary. But I am often traveling for work so I get to save on flights which is amazing" says Hassa. 
5. Must-Haves in Your Suitcase
Have you ever gotten to your destination and realized you should have brought something because it costs 10x more than back home? Hassa says she would recommend packing sunscreen, bandaids, topical antibiotics, lotion and chapstick. Those are often missed in the packing process. As someone who is outdoors a lot, she would recommend packing for all types of conditions no matter what. Don't forget those sunglasses, too! 
Thank you for chatting with us Megan, we hope you enjoy your Woodies sunnies and that you'll carry us with you on all your many adventures to come! 
October 07, 2020


Ventura Beach, CA Travel Guide

Welcome to Woodies Roadmaps! We will be putting together mini travel guides made up of the best beaches all over the world and what to do once you're there. Woodies Roadmaps will make an appearance on the blog once a month- so make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter so you're notified when they go live. To kick off the series, we're going to start with one a personal favorite- Ventura Beach, CA. 

If you love history-rich towns, classic cars, beaches and 1950's vibes, this beach is definitely for you. 

Scroll down for 4 things to check out at the most underrated beach in California! 



COVID 2020:

Before we jump into things, we just want to provide a reminder in light of COVID-19 to bring/wear the proper PPI's as you travel. Make sure you are aware of laws and regulations surrounding COVID wherever you're traveling as to remain respectful to the land and people you will be around. The city of Ventura closed off a few blocks of downtown Main St. to traffic and created space for everyone to walk and expanded outdoor dining. Happy traveling!



Ventura sits between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara along the famous U.S. Route 101. This city is chalked full of history and beauty. 


1. Main Street 

Ventura’s Historic Downtown Cultural District is spread throughout early Californian history. Historic homes, museums, boutiques, Mission San Buenaventura, antique shops and restaurants are major gathering points along the palm tree-lined streets. The historic pathway also connects to the California Spanish Missions.


2. BusyBee Cafe

This super special and unique 1950's cafe/diner sits right on the heart of Main Street. Not only does it have a delicious menu (and you'd be supporting local business), it also has mini juke boxes at every table, red vinyl booths, classic checker style tile, old-fashioned drinks (hello, Root Beer Floats & milkshakes), coloring pages and is known for having the best burgers in Ventura, too! The cafe has been running and serving Ventura since 1983. 



3. Check Out The Ventura County Fair

Prior to 2020, the fair has taken place every summer since 1875, and comes every year for the first two weeks of August. There are of course the standard carnival rides and games accompanied by concerts, exhibits, and classic pieces of Americana - pie baking competitions, cattle auctions, miniature pig racing, and fireworks. Ventura plans to re-open the fair in summer 2021! P.S. chilling at the pier during the fireworks is an epic date idea. Also a must-do on the Fourth of July. 

4. Beaches

- Surfer's Point is one of California's best surfing spots. 

Check out Ventura Surf Lessons. Ventura has some of the best waves for beginners and there's no better time to learn than when you make your way to this sandy, spacious beach. 

- Bates Beach 

A short 15 minute drive to maybe a little less populated beach if you're wanting some more seclusion. 

- Harbor Beach

Located just right across from the Ventura Harbor, it's the largest beach in Ventura County. It is typically less populated on weekdays, too! 

-Venture Pier & Boardwalk 

If you love being social and around people while site-seeing and getting some shopping done, this is such a full-of-life beach located right off Main St. 

Of course, don't forget your Woodies! 


We hope you enjoyed this quick roadmap to Ventura Beach, CA. If you made it this far, send an email to for a surprise!

If you want to see more of these, comment down below and let us know which beach you'd like to see next.

September 09, 2020


5 Healthy Habits For Working From Home (COVID Edition)

We're all adjusting to a new norm from COVID-19. Many of us are transitioning to a work from home life so we want to share a few tips to help keep you motivated, limit distractions and help you make the most of this time!

Working from home requires a lot of motivation and a lot of discipline. While motivation is an emotion, discipline is the ability to take action. It's easy to get distracted by household chores, friends and family and sometimes, you can feel pretty aimless. Especially in these uncertain times- it's a bit different than what a work from home life may have looked like several months ago.

To help, we've put together 5 tips to start implementing in your work from home life: 

1. Set Small Daily Goals

Recognize that these aren't normal times and your normal productivity levels probably aren't the same. Setting small daily goals make productivity possible. Setting big goals may feel overwhelming. It's like walking into a large department store, there's a sale and you don't really know where to start. So start small. If you aren't sure where to start, check out The Daily 

The Daily is an awesome tool for maximizing your mornings and implementing daily practices that supercharge your efforts (no this is not an ad). 


2. Remove Distractions 

It is almost impossible not to get distracted when working from home. You will likely get distracted by social media, text messages, clutter, possible adventures- anything that isn't your work. We can't totally remove all of these distractions but we can definitely reduce that list. I will turn off my phone and put it in another room, schedule time in my day to de-clutter and seek out ways to limit any distractions that keep me from my work. If that doesn't help, changing your setting may be the next best thing. 

3. Change your Setting

Sometimes working from bed sounds really nice (I say as I write this from my bed- in my defense, I am in quarantine from traveling). I've found that it can be really hard to work from the same spot every day. I'll take my work items and a blanket and lay it outside and work from my yard or when I can go places, I'll relocate to a coffee shop. I work better in loud and active spaces. 

If you're working from a home office, it's important to love your space and feel inspired by it. When you love your work space, it's easier to stay in it (and want to work)! 


4. Create a Schedule

Working from home easily makes it feel like your work is never-ending. I can't tell you how many days I go and work into the late hour. Which ends up making me feel tired and groggy the next morning so I sleep in a little and that completely messes up my whole plan that I had for the day. 

Create a schedule! Mine looks a lot like: 

7am wake up, work out & stretch 

9am start work (work off my work to do lists and set reasonable, reachable and attainable tasks) 

12am or 1pm take a break and let my mind recharge

2pm (ish) get back to work 

5pm or 6pm wrap it up and take care of household tasks and "me time"

Everyone's schedule looks different. It doesn't need to be perfectly penciled out, either. I've found that I feel less guilty or as if I am neglecting other tasks and important responsibilities when I do have a schedule. 


5. Prioritize Mental Health

These are not normal times. Though for many people, working from home is a dream, others love the structure that comes from their traditional work life. Or they receive their social interactions from their work setting. If that's you, working from home may pose a struggle. Staying motivated can be impossible when your mind is distracted by anxieties so taking care of yourself should be a priority. Managing your mental health will in turn help you manage your work and other responsibilities. If you're struggling and need to talk to someone, there are resources available. 

Disaster Distress Helplineexternal icon

health care providers and first responders,

Helping others cope with their stress

Taking care of your emotional health


Remember to be okay with not being super productive right now. Some days you may not be able to focus at all. As this new normal sets in, everyone is learning how to adjust. Do the best you can and let us know if you found this post helpful. 

July 17, 2017


What to Pack for a Beach Day- Travel Tips from the Captain

Eight Great Products You Must Take To The Beach This Summer

On a hot summer’s day, there’s nothing better than heading down to the beach with your family and friends. You can build the world’s biggest sandcastle, dig a hole to China, swim with the fish or just relax with a cold drink and a good book.

However, if you don’t plan ahead, your trip to the beach might be nothing but sunburn, warm drinks, melted ice-cream and sand in your shoes.

At Woodies, our motto is “See you at the beach!”.

When we’re not in the office designing our next pair of unique wood and bamboo sunglasses, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find us at the beach. Since we spend so much time there, we consider ourselves experts on packing for the beach.

To help share our wisdom, we’ve put together a list of eight things to take to the beach to ensure a safe, fun and memorable day.


The most important thing you need to take to the beach is some good sunscreen. You may have a great day at the beach, but without sunscreen, you’ll probably spend the next few days looking like a lobster. Painful swelling, itching, peeling and possible skin cancer can all be avoided by choosing a sunscreen with a high SPF factor. SPF 30 should be sufficient for most beachgoers, but if you have really sensitive skin, you might want SPF 50 or above.

If you’re going to spend time in the water, it’s a good idea to get a water-resistant sunscreen like the SPF 70 Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen Water + Sun

And don’t forget to reapply every hour or two!

Beach Chair

In the middle of summer when the sand gets too hot to sit on, we always recommend taking a compact chair to the beach. You could pick up a cheap folding chair from Walmart or Costco (watch out for those burning hot metal parts!), but why not try something more comfortable and stylish.

The ChillaX Inflatable Lounger

ChillaX is often referred to as “the most relaxing air lounge on the market”. It has a compact design, a headrest, pockets for your phone and drinks, and a securing stake to make sure it doesn’t blow away. It fully inflates in under a minute and requires no pump - you just swing it around to fill it with air. The only problem with the ChillaX is that you constantly have to put up with people asking you where you bought it.


Sometimes you just need to get out of the sun for a while, but at many beaches there is no natural shade available. That’s when a beach umbrella comes in handy. When choosing a beach umbrella, there are three important factors to consider. First, you need an umbrella that is light enough to carry, but strong enough to stay upright in strong winds. Second, you need an umbrella that is large enough to provide shade for everyone - a 5 foot wide umbrella is great for one or two people, while an 8 foot wide umbrella can fit the whole family. Finally, you need an umbrella that looks great, with a fashionable design and nice colors.

Our favorite beach umbrella is the Sport-Brella ( Portable-All-

Weather-Umbrella- Canopy/dp/B002CLQ1Q2/ref=sr_1_1?s=outdoor-

recreation&ie=UTF8&qid=1500004933&sr=1-1&keywords=sportbrella). It’s rugged and durable, with canopy windows that allow strong winds to pass through. It’s large enough to fit three or four people. and can be staked down so it doesn’t blow away.


If you’re planning to go in the water, you’re going to need a beach towel. Beach towels come in all shapes and sizes, and for all budgets - from a $5 cotton towel from Target to a $630 printed towel from Hermes ( product-h102646m-102753.html?color_hermes=VIOLET/JAUNE&nuance=1&back_search=dir+asc%7Corder+price%7Cp+3%7Cq+beach+towel%7Cshow_all+1%7Cback_from_product+1). When choosing a beach towel, you want to pick one that’s big enough to use for lying down on the sand. As for thickness, it really depends on your personal preference - thicker towels can be more comfortable, but they are also bulkier and take up more space. The most important thing is to choose a style and pattern that suits you. Flashy towels are great for making a fashion statement. They are also make it much easier to find your spot on a crowded beach.

If you really want to stand out, why not try a round beach towel like the Ricdecor Indian Mandala Beach Blanket ( Microfiber-Absorbent- Multi-

Purpose/dp/B01K6OKTQE/ref=zg_bs_3731751_15?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=868MBJHJ95C4P4338FE7). It’s a highly absorbent microfiber towel that really makes an impression.

Flip Flops

A word of warning - never wear shoes to the beach. No matter how careful you are, you’ll still be finding grains of sand in them weeks later. For a trip to the beach, you really need a great pair of flip flops. Try to avoid the cheap all-rubber flip flops. They almost never fit well, which means you’ll have to put up with blisters around your toes for the next week or so. You’ll also get sick of walking in a funny way just to stop them falling off. Look for a pair of flip flops with a comfortable strap (preferably made from fabric or leather rather than rubber) and a soft sole that contours your feet. We recommend ECCO flip flops like the Collin thong ( 7-7- 5/dp/B010RS9M5S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1500008229&sr=8-1&keywords=ecco+collin+thong). It has a breathable, perforated sole that provides great support, and comes in different styles for men and women. Most importantly, it looks just as good strolling the boardwalk as it does playing on the sand.


After a couple of hours playing in the water, the first thing you want is a bit of shade, an ice-cold drink and something to eat. That’s why you need a cooler. With a cooler, you don’t have to settle for warm drinks, melted chocolate bars and overpriced food from beachside vendors. You can fill your cooler with drinks, sandwiches, fruit, meat for the barbecue, and even ice cream, and you can be sure everything will remain cold all day long.

When buying a cooler for the beach, you really only have two main choices - a fabric cooler bag or a hard cooler box. Fabric coolers are lightweight and are great for a small group. Hard cooler boxes are heavier, but they usually hold more food and drinks and can also double as a seat. If you want something that can turn your beach trip into a real party, how about a Tunes2Go KoolMAX cooler with 350 watt speakers

( It can keep up to 48 cans ice cold for up to 3 days, and comes with a Bluetooth digital music player and FM radio for listening to your favorite tunes while relaxing on the sand.

Mask and Snorkel

When we think of the perfect beach, three things come to mind - soft white sand, crystal clear water and tropical fish. If you’re lucky enough to be going to a beach where you can explore the ocean floor, you really need to take a mask and snorkel set. Old style separate mask and snorkels are fine for floating on the surface, although breathing through your mouth can be quite uncomfortable. For diving below the surface, we recommend investing in a full face snorkeling mask. These unique devices allow you to see and breathe underwater, just like on dry land.

One of the most popular snorkeling masks is the Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask

( Fog-Hypoallergenic- Silicone-

Snorkeling/dp/B00O64T7UA/ref=sr_1_1?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1500012458&sr=1-1&keywords=tribord+easybreath+snorkeling+mask). The anti-fog mask allows for natural breathing through the nose and out the mouth. It comes in a variety of sizes for both kids and adults, meaning anyone can have fun swimming with the fish.


A powerful sunscreen can help protect your skin, but what about your eyes? UV radiation can harm our eyes and may result in cataracts or even blindness. With direct sunlight entering our eyes, and indirect sunlight reflecting off the sand and water, the beach is probably the most dangerous place in the world for UV radiation. Even the Environmental Protection Agency recommends always wearing sunglasses at the beach.

When choosing sunglasses, it’s important to choose lenses that have high UV-A and UV-B protection. At Woodies, we guarantee lenses that offer 100% UV-A and UV-B protection in even the most intense lighting conditions. Why not check out our Zebra Wood Sunglasses with Polarized Green Mirror Lenses ( wood-sunglasses-with- green-mirror- lens)? With their unique and stylish design, you can protect your eyes while still looking cool.