How to get rid of sore eyes

How to get rid of sore eyes

People often experience sore eyes from allergies, pollutants in the air, diabetes, age, or computer use. Dry eye is a common cause of sore eyes, which can be caused by pollution, allergies, diabetes, aging, or computer use.  Using artificial tears or lubricating eye drops is the best way to treat the symptoms of sore eyes.

To wake up feeling fresh and ready for work, remember to take care of your eyes. It's easy to forget because everyone has a different type of job or lifestyle. But no matter if you work 9-5 or stay awake late at night, your sad eyes can make you feel miserable and wreck your day.

What exactly are sore eyes?

"A Sore eyes" (a.k.a. dry eye syndrome) is a common condition that results when the eyes don't produce enough tears to keep them moist.

Many people experience sore eyes at one time or another. Stress, allergies, too much TV, and lack of sleep can all cause troubled eyes. What you can do to relieve the pain, though, is important to know.


When your eyes feel like they are burning, itching or getting irritated, it can be quite uncomfortable. But there are a few things you can do to get rid of these sore eyes.

A feeling of dryness or scratchiness is often first noticed as the most common symptom of sore eyes. Redness, blurred vision when reading, burning, and itching may also be present. If these symptoms persist, visit your doctor who may prescribe eye drops or ointment to relieve the discomfort.


Sore eyes can be caused by a number of different reasons, including viral infection, eye strain, dryness, allergies, and even the use of contact lenses. If it lasts more than a day, then seek medical attention.


First, try winking or blinking more often than usual. Next, wear sunglasses outside or get an eye patch. Then, put a cold compress on your eyes for 10 minutes at a time.

If you want to ease dry eyes without visiting your doctor, try the following tips at home. First of all, avoid air that is too dry, and use an air humidifier if necessary.

If you have symptoms of a viral infection worsening, consult an eye doctor for medication. I personally enjoyed the warning at the end. It's important to not go around with yellow or white slimy discharge coming from your eyes. That's very bad for the appearance and health of your eyes.


The best way to prevent sore eyes is to reduce the amount of time spent in front of a monitor screen (we keep Woodies super simple because we want to spend more time at the beach and not in front of a laptop!).

The light from your computer and phone can be very harsh on the eyes and cause eye fatigue.

Make sure to take regular breaks from looking at screens! Every 20 minutes or so, look away for 10 seconds. In addition, get a pair of polarized glasses to protect your eyes. 


If symptoms persist for more than two days, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor if you are still experiencing constant sore eyes. These doctors can quickly diagnose what's causing the problem, and prescribe treatment that will be most effective.


Keep your eyes healthy, and see you at the beach!

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