Ventura Beach, CA Travel Guide

Ventura Beach, CA Travel Guide

Welcome to Woodies Roadmaps! We will be putting together mini travel guides made up of the best beaches all over the world and what to do once you're there. Woodies Roadmaps will make an appearance on the blog once a month- so make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter so you're notified when they go live. To kick off the series, we're going to start with one a personal favorite- Ventura Beach, CA. 

If you love history-rich towns, classic cars, beaches and 1950's vibes, this beach is definitely for you. 

Scroll down for 4 things to check out at the most underrated beach in California! 



COVID 2020:

Before we jump into things, we just want to provide a reminder in light of COVID-19 to bring/wear the proper PPI's as you travel. Make sure you are aware of laws and regulations surrounding COVID wherever you're traveling as to remain respectful to the land and people you will be around. The city of Ventura closed off a few blocks of downtown Main St. to traffic and created space for everyone to walk and expanded outdoor dining. Happy traveling!



Ventura sits between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara along the famous U.S. Route 101. This city is chalked full of history and beauty. 


1. Main Street 

Ventura’s Historic Downtown Cultural District is spread throughout early Californian history. Historic homes, museums, boutiques, Mission San Buenaventura, antique shops and restaurants are major gathering points along the palm tree-lined streets. The historic pathway also connects to the California Spanish Missions.


2. BusyBee Cafe

This super special and unique 1950's cafe/diner sits right on the heart of Main Street. Not only does it have a delicious menu (and you'd be supporting local business), it also has mini juke boxes at every table, red vinyl booths, classic checker style tile, old-fashioned drinks (hello, Root Beer Floats & milkshakes), coloring pages and is known for having the best burgers in Ventura, too! The cafe has been running and serving Ventura since 1983. 



3. Check Out The Ventura County Fair

Prior to 2020, the fair has taken place every summer since 1875, and comes every year for the first two weeks of August. There are of course the standard carnival rides and games accompanied by concerts, exhibits, and classic pieces of Americana - pie baking competitions, cattle auctions, miniature pig racing, and fireworks. Ventura plans to re-open the fair in summer 2021! P.S. chilling at the pier during the fireworks is an epic date idea. Also a must-do on the Fourth of July. 

4. Beaches

- Surfer's Point is one of California's best surfing spots. 

Check out Ventura Surf Lessons. Ventura has some of the best waves for beginners and there's no better time to learn than when you make your way to this sandy, spacious beach. 

- Bates Beach 

A short 15 minute drive to maybe a little less populated beach if you're wanting some more seclusion. 

- Harbor Beach

Located just right across from the Ventura Harbor, it's the largest beach in Ventura County. It is typically less populated on weekdays, too! 

-Venture Pier & Boardwalk 

If you love being social and around people while site-seeing and getting some shopping done, this is such a full-of-life beach located right off Main St. 

Of course, don't forget your Woodies! 


We hope you enjoyed this quick roadmap to Ventura Beach, CA. If you made it this far, send an email to for a surprise!

If you want to see more of these, comment down below and let us know which beach you'd like to see next.

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