Hear what our customers have to say about Woodies Hybrid Bamboo Sunglasses!

I absolutely love these sunglasses! My family has several pairs and they will not disappoint. Polarized, lightweight and durable sunglasses! Corey Stout (owner) is wonderful to deal with. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next!
---Purchased by:  Kim McKay
This is my 4th pair of woodies. the first pair i bought was the cherry bamboo (sadly, the frame cracked when i inadvertently sat on them).  
Still i LOVE my Woodies ... super lightweight! and i recently pledged on kickstarter's latest woodies campaign for 2 more pairs. i purchased this polarized hybrid pair for my 8-year-old as they are much lower in cost and more durable than the bamboo.
---Purchased by:  Annie Bee
My experience with woodies has been excellent. I had the original full bamboo glasses, which were excellent. About a month ago they broke and I was getting ready to order a new pair. I purchased the hybrid due to reduced cost.
The glasses were shipped and arrived promptly. These offer a slightly reduced quality build compared to the full bamboo classes. There were places where the wood was not cleaned completely and splinters were present. Something I could easily fix in a matter of minutes.
Overall I am impressed with the product and would recommend it to others!
---Purchased by Guarav Sharma
Initially when I picked them up I was surprised by how lightweight it was. However that should be expected with bamboo. The glasses seem to be durable enough. Overall I'm pretty happy with them. The only things I would change would be to make the lenses a bit darker and maybe a way to have the glasses be more flat when folding them. Other than that, good purchase. I am getting a pair for a friend as well.
---Purchased by:  Christopher Loe
I own 2 pairs of the all bamboo woodies and I love them both. So when they came out with the less expensive hybrid version I had to give them try. I love the fact that even at the lower price the glasses are still polarized. And although I don't carry big cases with me these come with a case and a cleaning clothe. They are high quality as all the other woodies items I have purchased in the past.
---Purchased by:  Tracey Browne