Hi I'm Cory, Captain of Woodies.  

Woodies is a lifestyle brand that I created in 2012.  Making sunglasses from wood reminded me of the Woodie car from the 1950's.  The Woodie was a blend of machinery and nature that always fascinated me.  They always seemed like they were headed to the beach too.  With Woodies, I want to bring that feeling to you. 

I scour the globe to find the style that best fits the Woodies vibe and bring it to YOU.  I am a full-time traveler, a nomad, a wanderer, or as one girl put it; a hobo with a website.  

I've worn Woodies in Thailand

I've worn Woodies in Chicago

I've worn Woodies to a wedding in Tampa

I've worn Woodies while making a grilled cheese sandwich

I've worn Woodies in New York City

I definitely wore Woodies on the 4th of July

I tried to be a model in Miami and wear Woodies, don't ask me about the headband

I wore Woodies in Austin, Texas #SXSW

I wore Woodies in Puerto Rico

I wear Woodies when I play football

Me and my bro Ayge wear Woodies at The Bean

I wore Woodies in Venezuela

I wore my Woodies in Venice Beach

So you get the idea, I wear my Woodies when I travel.  I live for this; it isn't just a hobby like that.  

Where should I bring Woodies next?  Email me, Cory@Woodies.com