Here at Woodies, we take pride in our design, materials, and construction.  We insist on the best of everything.  We insist that every pair of Woodies sunglasses are polarized.  You’ve heard the word before, but you have no clue what it means. A hostile takeover by polar bears?  Actually, polarization is an important technology that reduces glare and increases visibility for people who encounter a lot of sunlight.  

What Is Polarization?

If you stood outside on a bright summer day and looked at a reflective surface, what would you see?  Probably not much – the glare from the light would drive you crazy. That’s because the light is unpolarized – it’s vibrating in several directions. Polarized light vibrates in one direction. It’s not nearly as intense. When you turn unpolarized light into polarized light, it’s called polarization.

How Polarized Sunglasses Work

So what does any of this have to do with sunglasses? When somebody says they have polarized sunglasses, this means a special filter has been placed on the lenses. The filter cuts out the glare from nearby light, leaving the wearer feeling footloose and fancy-free.

Here's a fancy graphic explaining how polarization works (courtesy of

Why You Need Polarized Sunglasses

Regular sunglasses don’t eliminate glare – they just tone down the brightness. That’s fine for some folks, but if you want to take eye protection to the next level and avoid problems later down the line, polarized is the way to go. You can cruise along on a boat, hang out at the beach, or ride your bike through the neighborhood without anything holding you back. You’ll have better vision and look stylish, too.

So where can you find these magical sunglasses?  We’ll let you in on something amazing. ALL Woodies sunglasses are made using polarized lenses. Yep - every single one of them. Whether you’re looking for something with color or curves, you can grab a pair of Woodies sunglasses and wear them with confidence.

See you at the beach!

Cory Stout, Woodies Captain

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