Are you going to Coachella?  If you haven't been before, trust us, it's a jungle out there.  Don't get caught with your pants down. Seriously. I know you want to soak up the sun, party like it's 1999 (hey that was a great century!), and have FUN FUN FUN til your Daddy takes your T-Bird away. To make COACHELLA 2015 the best one ever, check out these few essentials that you don't want to hear yourself say "DAMN! I wish I had those cool sunglasses, didn't get that parasol and now I'm sunburned, I want to sit my ass down, I need something to throw, I can't believe I saw (fill in the blank) but my battery was dead!"
Yes, we just made your life easier  :)


1. Bring Sunglasses

Shield those baby blues (or browns or greens) with Woodies Bamboo Sunglasses! 

100% UVA/UVB Protection and 100% Real Bamboo Construction, and no doubt they have polarized lenses :)


$25 | Shop Here

2. Bring a Parasol

 Umbrellas are not allowed at Coachella, BUT you can stroll around in style with a parasol!  This pink, vintage style Chinese parasol is designed to provide shade from the sun.  

$10 | Shop Here

3. Bring a Blanket

 When you get tired from standing or getting your grove on, you will wish you had this Parasheet Beach/Picnic Blanket by Grand Trunk!   (Pockets can be filled with sand so it won't blow away)

$30 | Shop Here

4. Bring a Frisbee

 Nothing says FESTIVAL like a FRISBEE! Check out the Discraft 175 gram Super Color Ultra-Star Disc! (Listed among the 31 things all men should own by Esquire magazine AND may also be used as a dinner plate)

$10 | Shop Here

5. Bring a Charger


It's not like you're going to have cell service at Coachella anyway, BUT if you want to keep your camera working to capture those special moments, be sure to pack this battery charger from Anker.

$20 | Shop Here