Captain's Log #1 | February 11, 2016

Captain's Log #1 | February 11, 2016

New Beginnings

Hey Woodies Team - This is your Captain speaking...

Starting now, I will be updating you weekly using this space - The Captain's Log

What's New with Woodies

Well, I'm glad you asked. Woodies is 3 1/2 years old for those that don't know. In that time, we've rolled out dozens of new designs and colorways, hired Kendall Jenner, and given out 50 sunglasses to 50 photographers for 50 awesome photos. So, what's next?  

Woodies World Tour

I'm all set to journey out into the world and spread more Woodies love. The travel schedule is; Australia --> Thailand --> Hong Kong --> Cabo San Lucas --> Southern California --> Costa Rica --> and Miami.  I'll post photos and stories from this trip right here in the coming weeks. You can also follow on Woodies Instagram

Restoring a 1953 Mercury Woody Wagon

Woodies has bought a 1953 Mercury Monterey Woody Wagon. Read here to hear Uncle Paul tell a long story about her. We will detail the restoration starting June 2016


Woodies Prescription Eyewear

For months and months, you've been asking me about prescription eyewear. I've finally done the research and we'll be coming out with prescription frames this summer. 

woodies prescription frames

If you're interested in Woodies prescription frames, please email me at, I have some questions for you, and I'll give you a free pair for answering. 

Woodies Walnut Wood Sunglasses Giveaway

Did you see?  We recently launched a Walnut Wood Sunglasses.  Want a pair?  Comment on this post below with your favorite beach in the world.  We'll choose a winner on Sunday

Lots going on in the Woodies world, I'll keep you updated right here. This is your Captain, signing off

See you at the beach!

Cory Stout

Woodies Captain






  • Kwanza -

    Can’t wait to see the prescription eyewear!!

  • Eric Stout -

    I like to play alot of golf and I wear my Woodies golfing at Celebration golf course,everyone at the club and around the Club,know me because I wear new woodies every time I,m there , There cool glasses and I get alot of looks , the place I like to go to beach is Panama City Beach , Pensacola Florida the white sand is squeaky clean, Great Fishing.

  • Cyrah -

    The beach at a small cove at the “quiet end” of Catalina Island is definitely the best. I went there during a research expedition and you can do everything at that beach. At night the bioluminescence is absolutely phenomenal and I’d take up any chance I get to go back to those night time snorkelings!!!

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