Why Woodies Uses Bamboo

Why Woodies Uses Bamboo

You already know that Woodies sunglasses are awesome, but are you aware that they’re also good for the planet? Yep, it’s true! Go grab a piña colada and sit in the shade – you’re about to have your mind blown.

1. We’re Not Exactly Running Low on Bamboo

Think the world’s supply of bamboo is in its death throes? Actually, bamboo is everywhere – it’d be pretty hard to run out. A single clump of bamboo can make about 200 poles, so there’s no chance of wiping out the population.

2. Bamboo Grows Super Quickly

It’s one of the fastest growing plants in the world. So fast, in fact, in some cases its height can increase by three feet in a single day. Cool, right? This rapid process lessens the chances that the local ecosystem will be damaged when it’s harvested.

3. It’s All About Climate Change, Man

Bamboo eats up carbon dioxide, one of the main contributors to climate change. One hectare (or 2.47 acres) of the stuff produces 35% more oxygen than the same amount of trees. We can’t argue with those numbers. Bamboo doesn’t need a lot of water, either. That definitely cuts down on water waste!

4. You Can Replace What’s Lost

Bamboo and trees can be replenished. But wait – there’s more. That means the planet doesn’t take a big hit.

5. No Need for Chemicals and Pesticides

Bamboo doesn’t need pesticides and insecticides to survive and thrive. That’s great for us because these harmful and toxic chemicals can wipe out fish, birds, and other wildlife. They can hurt humans, too.

Whether you’d like to show off your American pride or release your stylish side, Woodies has the sunglasses for you. Check out our amazing catalogue and get set for summer.

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