5 Unique Classic Cars

5 Unique Classic Cars

It's finally Wednesday, which means you've made it half way through another amazing week of life. Classic cars are a big part of Woodies so today we want to show you some classic cars we love! We hope you enjoy the ride.

1. 1973 Volkswagen Thing 

Captain's Special: The Volkswagen Type 181 is two-wheel drive, four-door and convertible. Some sweet things about this classic are that the car doors are removable, the windshield folds flat and the convertible roof can be removed. They were originally designed for the West German Army and entered the civilian market as the Kurierwagen. 


2. Town and Country Woodies Convertible 

The Town & Country Convertible was one of the most luxurious vehicles when it was introduced in 1945. The design was still based on the pre-WWII model while most luxury manufacturers began moving toward more streamlined designs after the war. The Town & Country maintained its beautiful appearance. 


3. 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 

This sweet ride, and it's variants, have been frequently used in toys, movies, TV and music. It's known as an "auto icon". 


4. 1940 Pontiac Special Six 

Captain's Special: What more needs to be said about this incredibly unique ride? Silver-Streak styling and wood-bodied wagon. She's a beauty! 


5. 1958 MGA Roadster

I have a confession to make; I am obsessed with Roadsters. Out of them all, I think the 1958 MGA Roadster Twin-Cam is my favorite. The design dates back to 1951 and was built off the original MGA which is a sports car produced by MG. 


There is something sexy and romantic about classic cars. Which is your favorite?