Meet The Woodies Team

Meet The Woodies Team

Woodies operates differently than most companies. We have a small team comprised of some pretty cool people that work from all over and if you're new around here there's a few things we want you to know. Woodies was founded on the idea of freedom and adventure. We believe in remarkable customer service and personalization so that's something we are working every day to bring more to life within our brand. Most importantly, we care about you. Let's introduce you to the faces behind Woodies: 


CEO, Founder & The Captain; Cory Stout
Cory's Motto, "I know one thing for sure...Life is 15% more fun when you're wearing a captains hat." He started Woodies in 2012 to provide fun, beach-ready products made from wood and bamboo. He's a full-time adventurer, beach enthusiast and truly a happy, free spirit soul. Woodies is what it is because of Cory! It's support important to him that things always stay organic around here. He's based in the beautiful state of California. 


Amazing Customer Support, Manager & Cory's Mom; Pamela Stout

Pamela is Woodies' amazing customer support person. She is the lovely woman that brought Cory to life so you can imagine she's pretty cool. She loves her grandkids, being a mom and traveling. If you ever need help with an order, Pamela's the person you'll want to reach out to. She also loves hearing about your epic Woodies adventures and is based in Oklahoma. You can reach her at 


Brand & Marketing Manager; Taylor Walston

Taylor is Woodies' Brand and Marketing Manager. She also tackles some awesome customer amazement responsibilities to make sure our customers feel extra special. She is based in Hawaii and shark and marine conservation is one of her passion projects. Woodies is currently working on new ways to be more eco-friendly and sustainably conscious. You can reach her at 


We hope to continue encouraging you to live your most free life full of epic beach adventures. Don't forget to bring us along the way!