Which Sunglasses Style is Right for Me?

Which Sunglasses Style is Right for Me?

Which Sunglasses Are Right for Me?

What factors do you consider when choosing the right sunglasses? For most people, the choice hinges on the size of their pockets and preferred style. To others, any pair of sunglasses will do as long as it provides the much-needed protection against the sun.

However, the truth is you cannot just simply buy any pair of sunglasses. Selecting sunglasses is a science, it is an art. It is the end result of a lot of research, determining what does and doesn’t work for you.  Picking the right sunglasses isn’t just a potential fashion catastrophe, it essential to your wellbeing. Your health can benefit or suffer from the sunglasses that you wear. Sitting down to find out which sunglasses are right for you is important. It’s important to look at factors such as UV protection, face shape fit, style and color when selecting these items.

So, which sunglasses are right for me, or you? We break it down by three major categories:

  • Face Shape
  • Style
  • Polarized vs non-polarized

Finding Sunglasses that Fit Your Face Shape

Nothing is as straightforward as you might imagine when basing your choice of sunglasses on face shape. Some frames accentuate your strong facial features better than others. The first thing to do is to determine the kind of shape that your face has. The most common shapes are square, heart, oval, and round. Always look for sunglasses that complement your facial features.

A simple guide to follow when determining which sunglasses are right for you is:

  • Choose retro square, cat eye, or sport sunglasses if you have a heart-shaped face
  • Choose retro square, cat eye, or square sunglasses if you have a round-shaped face
  • Choose retro square, aviator, or oversized sunglasses if you have an oval-shaped face
  • Choose round, aviator, or shield sunglasses if you have a square-shaped face

Finding Sunglasses that Fit Your Style

Style is all about choosing sunglasses that you can wear for a long time. Obviously, nobody prevents you from buying as many sunglasses as you like. But a classic style works well all the time—and quality sunglasses should last for as long as you they are in style. Whether you want different styles—like Wayfarer or Aviator—or prefer some variety in your lens colors—we’ve got colors ranging from purple, to blue, to red—Woodies has a fit and style for everyone.

You Can Get Non-Polarized, But Why Would You?

Sunglasses with polarized lenses are worth every penny—especially if you plan to spend more time at the beach. Polarized lenses reduce the glare that’s too common along sandy beaches.  Polarized lenses are also ideal for anybody intending to spend some considerable amount of time in the snow. Polarized lenses help tackle glare. (IF you’re interested, read more about why Woodies uses polarized lenses in all our sunglasses

Which Sunglasses Are Right for Me?

Use our guide above to help narrow down which face-type best matches up with sunglasses that are best for your face, then jump over to our wood sunglasses collection page and find a pair that best aligns with your style. We guarantee they won’t disappoint. Grab a pair of our stylish, polarized shade, and we’ll see you at the beach!

-Captain Cory

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